Dr. Marlene Siegel Interview With Dr. Karen Perkins

Dr. Siegel discuss's health care over broke care. "Life is not happening to you, it is happening through you!" Feel stuck, join a coaching program! 

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Dr. Marlene Siegel Interview With Laurie Zoock On The Half Full Half Empty Show

Dr. Siegel discuss's the 5 energy bodies  and what emotional clearing means to health.  

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Dr. Marlene Siegel Radio Interview On The Robert Scott Bell Show

Dr. Siegel and Robert Scott Bell discuss Leptospirosis, should you vaccinate or use homoprophylaxis plus fixing the root cause of dis-ease. On the Robert Scott Bell Show. 

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Dr. Marlene Siegel Interview With Dr. Bart Rademaker

Dr Siegel discuss's biomimicry, healing at the cellular level, the 5 energy bodies, Lilly's story, The Truth About Cancer and much more!

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I rang in last NYE with my Sweet Meathead, laying in the floor, thinking her time was so limited. We didn’t think she’d have many more days with us, but boy did she prove us wrong. With the help of Dr. Siegel and everyone at Pasco Veterinary Medical Center she’s exceeded our expectations and this girl is acting YEARS younger and healthy as ever😍 so thankful to ring in another year with my best friend. “The ones we rescue, rescue us”. Love you, Meaty!!! Thank you for bringing so much joy into my life!!

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