Intervertebral Disk Disease IVDD- an epidemic

When I began practicing 32 years ago, the most common arthritic condition I saw was hip dysplasia (arthritis of the hips) in large breed dogs. Over the past 20 years I have seen a dramatic shift in the location and frequency of arthritis in dogs and cats.  The most common arthritic condition is now  degenerative disc disease (arthritis of the back) in cats and dogs.  Over 80% of the pets I see have some level of degenerative disc disease (IVDD).  This dis-ease is affecting pets as young as 6 months of age.

The underlying cause of IVDD is inflammation which results from leaky gut.  Leaky gut is caused by an inflammatory diet, water with toxins, stress and GMO's.

Early signs may be subtle, "slowing down", "trouble getting up".  More advanced signs include reluctance to jump up on furniture, yelping when picked up, not lifting the head above the shoulders. If not addressed, the condition could progress to acute paralysis.

The best approach is prevention.  Creating a diet and lifestyle that reduce inflammation is easy and affordable.  Contact us for a consult!

Eva's family has shared their story in the hopes of educating, inspiring and motivating other pet parents on what to do to keep their fur kids healthy and happy!

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Little – A Cat With Cancer Of The Eye

Cancer rates in cats is currently estimated to be 1 out of 3.  These are devastatingly high numbers! The key to healing cancer is to treat the root cause and have fearless determination and belief! This is an inspiring story that demonstrates when faith and determination come together, "miracles" are possible!  
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Luna Had Acute Onset And Rapidly Progressing Neurological Signs

Luna presented with a sudden onset of neurologic signs that were rapidly getting worse. Despite a very poor prognosis, we began treatment. Enjoy seeing the miraculous transformation that magnetic resonance therapy and chiropractic offer.

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Chloe – Paralyzed Dog Walks In 3 Weeks

Chloe's owner found her 1 morning paralyzed. Despite getting a poor prognosis from his regular vet, this owner was determined to get Chloe walking again, even if it meant going out of the box to do so. He flew her from Texas (where they lived) to Florida. They arrived at my office at midnight.  I immediately began therapy. Chloe made daily improvements and went home 3 weeks later... walking normal!

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Storm – Sudden Onset Of Neurologic Signs

Storm was only 2 years old when he had a sudden onset of ataxia (could not walk straight). A thorough workup did not reveal the cause. Before going to a neurologist and spending thousands of dollars, owner agreed to do a chiropractic adjustment, even though she didn't believe in chiropractic care...yet!  Years later Storm has had no relapses. 

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How Improving Sky’s Gut Health Changed Her Live Blood In Hours

Live blood analysis allows a quick and accurate peek into the body and see if it is able to function correctly...or not!  Learn about red blood cells, white blood cells and much more as we explore living cells.Live blood analysis allows a quick and accurate peek into the body and see if it is able to function correctly...or not!  Learn about red blood cells, white blood cells and much more as we explore living cells.

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Cammy Had Arthritis

In 2008 Cammy was not weight bearing on her front leg. X-rays revealed severe arthritis. 8 treatments of only alternative therapy  returned her to normal function for 8 years. Cammy ruptured her cruciate ligament in 2016. Watch her return to fully normal and 100% weight bearing in 3 treatments with ONLY holistic care! 

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Hairy And Mrs. Pegg

Hairy was Mrs's Pegg's fur angel! Because of him, Mrs Pegg learned to do emotional clearing, shift out of severe stress and in minutes was able to handle the stress she was under! When Mrs Pegg cleared her trapped emotions, Hairy immediately became normal!  "It was a miracle" exclaimed Mrs Pegg!

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Holly – Allergic Skin Disease

Millions of pets suffer from skin allergies and ear infections. Traditional medicine uses antibiotics, steroids and other immune suppressive therapies but fail to treat the underlying cause. The result is repeated infections and chronic disease. Holly represents the millions of pets who suffer repeated relapses, each episode getting more severe. We treated the underlying cause and within days we saw improvement, within 3 weeks she was fully normal. The best part...she has continued to be normal, years later! 

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My First Kefir

The microbiome of the gut is critical to establishing health because 80% of the immune system lives in the gut. Enjoy learning about the benefits of fermented food (kefir in this video) from our 4 legged fur stars!

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Delilah- Chiropractic Saved Her Life

Delilah fell down the stairs and couldn't move. Owner thought there was no hope. Chiropractic care saved her life! Owner was inspired to make life style changes for the whole family, 2 and 4 legged!

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Dr. Marlene Siegel Interview With Dr. Karen Perkins

Dr. Siegel discuss's health care over broke care. "Life is not happening to you, it is happening through you!" Feel stuck, join a coaching program! 

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Dr. Marlene Siegel Interview With Laurie Zoock On The Half Full Half Empty Show

Dr. Siegel discuss's the 5 energy bodies  and what emotional clearing means to health.  

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Dr. Marlene Siegel Radio Interview On The Robert Scott Bell Show

Dr. Siegel and Robert Scott Bell discuss Leptospirosis, should you vaccinate or use homoprophylaxis plus fixing the root cause of dis-ease. On the Robert Scott Bell Show. 

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Dr. Marlene Siegel Interview With Dr. Bart Rademaker

Dr Siegel discuss's biomimicry, healing at the cellular level, the 5 energy bodies, Lilly's story, The Truth About Cancer and much more!

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Dr. Marlene Siegel Talking About Live Blood Analysis

Dr Siegel discuss's the benefits of live blood analysis and the importance of digestive enzymes for all species.  80% of the immune system lives in the gut.  Proper digestion is critical to good health. Live blood analysis is a fast, inexpensive test to see how well (or not) the body is digesting. 

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