The Truth About Breast Cancer and Prevention

There is a lot of misinformation about breast disease. Much of that misinformation comes from companies that make a profit from our use of their toxic products. The intention of this article is to provide awareness to the causes of breast disease and alternative options that could decrease the risk factors.


I encourage EVERYONE to do due diligence in researching information for themselves.




A. Excess Estrogen is a risk factor that leads to breast cancer. Estrogen mimicking compounds that enter the body lead to excess estrogen. They come from 3 main sources:

  1. Xenoestrogens:  are used as preservatives and found in cosmetics, soaps, cleaners and plastics. BPS and BPA are used to make plastics soft (bottled water).  Zenoestrogens
  2. Mycoestrogens: come from fungus. Foods with fungus include peanuts and stored cereal grains.  There are a number of growing synthetic mycoestrogens that are intentionally fed to livestock to  mycoestrogensincrease growth and weight.
  3. Metalloestrogens: Are heavy metals, like cadmium, barium, cobalt, copper, lead, aluminum (found in can sodas and foods, cookware, deodorants and cosmetics), mercury (fillings) and pesticides (that contain heavy metals). Petroleum products such as propylene glycol (found in foods and cosmetics) are cancer producing too.  mercury filling

B. Iodine Deficiency. It is estimated that over 75% of Americans are iodine deficient. Iodine is more potent than Vitamin C as an antioxidant. It is responsible for metabolizing the healthy estrogens that help to prevent breast cancer.

C. Lymphatic Drainage Restricted. Bras, especially ones with underwires and pushup padding prevents proper lymphatic drainage.

D. Bromide antagonizes (reduces) Iodine, resulting in further Iodine deficiencies. Bromide is found in applesauce, Gator Aid, many processed foods, medications like Prozac, plastics, dust and tap water. Bromide is in the Halogen family with Fluoride and Chlorine.




  1. Eliminate excess estrogen in your diet and environment.   Use only organic products that touch your skin (laundry soap, body soaps, hair products, perfumes and makeup).
  2. Avoid plastic bottles, plastic food storage containers and aluminum cans.
  3. Avoid aluminum (cookware, deodorant, coffee creamers and cans)
  4. Eliminate or minimize underwire and pushup bras.
  5. Avoid or minimize processed foods that have bromide.
  6. Carefully consider the pros and cons of mammograms. Research shows that traditional mammograms may be harmful. Look into alternative screenings.



  1. Eat grass fed free range organic meats.
  2. Eat fresh organic vegetables.
  3. Eat natural sources of Iodine (seaweed, Blue green algae supplements).
  4. Consult a holistic practitioner regarding an herbal supplement that binds excess estrogen (I use Myomin).
  5. Begin container gardening and grow super foods and herbs.
  6. Use healthy bra’s or if possible, don’t wear them.
  7. Enhance lymphatic drainage by practicing “DRY BRUSHING” daily. (look up information on the web regarding techniques)
  8. Do breast massages daily (massage up and out) with essential oils like Frankincense, Sandalwood, Cypress or Grapefruit. Spirulina also promotes lymphatic drainage.
  9. Expose the armpits to sunlight (which is antibacterial and anti fungal)
  10. Use aluminum free deodorants or make your own:

Coconut oil + Baking soda + Essential oil (1-2 drops) of Frankincense, Sandalwood, Cypress, Grapefruit or whatever you like.

  1. Get adequate sleep.

  2. Reduce stress. Change the way you “perceive” life by taking metaphysical courses, find a spiritual practice, meditate, exercise, or ground to nature.

  3. Practice gratitude daily.

  4. Find what you are good at, love to do, have passion for and do it for the benefit of others.

  5. Practice forgiveness, for yourself as well as others. Grief is the leading cause of breast and lung disease.

Pets suffer with the same cancers as people. They are living in the environment 24/7 and their skin is in constant contact with the toxins. By applying these principles you will dramatically reduce the risk of cancer in your pets too!


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