Stop Buying It And They Will Quit Making It

Modern day food producers must have thought “produce it and they will buy it.” It worked!  Millions of people, without questioning, bought into the concept of foods bagged, boxed, canned, and “fast food.”  People didn’t question how or why things lasted so long.  Few people wondered about ingredients on labels that they never heard of, many of which could not be pronounced.  Even after it was discovered that the preservatives were harmful, it was accepted by many as an evil necessity.

Thankfully there are groups who are actively educating people on the dangers of non organic products and processed foods.  People are sick and tired.  People are wanting to fix the root cause of the dis-ease, not just bandaid the symptom.

My dear friend and mentor Marcus Shumway shared his Shumway-ism (proverbs) with me.  If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for everything.  Let’s stand for real food.  Let’s stand for environmentally safe products.

The response to S.T.A.R.T. (Select Toxins Are Removed Today) has been overwhelming!  Within the first 12 hours of the launch I had over 200 responses from around the world!  Keep the momentum going! Let’s have millions by July 4, 2012.  We will make a difference!  We no longer have to be apathetic and complain about the chemicals in our household cleaners, pesticides in our foods, genetically modified foods infiltrating our food supply, and toxins in our personal hygiene products.  Everyone is capable of making 1 change in their diet, 1 change in their personal hygiene products, and 1 change in their environmental products.

There is a terrible myth that natural and organic is more expensive.  This myth began with and has been perpetuated by those who want us to buy their processed, toxic products!

Fact:  Eating foods grown on nutritionally depleted soils with chemicals, artificial fertilizers, and pesticides have such poor nutrition that three to four times more has to be eaten to achieve the same benefit that organic food enriched naturally with organic fertilizers provides.

Fact:  The chemicals and pesticides added to processed foods are designed to artificially make food last longer, smell better, taste better and addict people to eating more.

Fact:  Far less volume of organic soaps and cleaners are needed compared to chemically loaded products.

Fact:  Spend the money up front to be healthy or pay dearly with your life.

Once degenerative and debilitating diseases occurs, billions of dollars are spent to treat the symptoms that are directly caused by a toxic lifestyle!  

Allergy industry in the US alone-17 Billion

Pain industry in the US alone-100 Billion

Energy drinks to combat chronic fatigue in the US alone-1 Billion

Sleep industry in the US alone-20 Billion

These numbers do not reflect the money spent on illness’s like cancer, obesity, diabetes, cholesterol, inflammatory bowl disease, celiac, multiple sclerosis…………

If people are spending this amount of money on treating the symptoms, why not take the money and spend it on items that will prevent the symptoms?

For those who don’t think they have the “time” to be bothered with eating better and reducing the toxins in their environment, speak with a person dying of cancer.  Speak with someone that has a debilitating disease that makes breathing, walking, just living miserable.

“Build it And They Will Come”  We did and it’s not working for us anymore.

New Message:

“Stop Buying It And They Will Quit Making It”

The following websites are resources to help the paradigm shift to a healthier lifestyle.

EWG‘s Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce:

Great web site for health, exercise and medical information:

Great website for medical information and recipes:

Great site for evaluating skin products:

Great Site for discount coupon for organic products:

Forevergreen is a great site for raw snacks, organic protein shakes and blue green algae:

 Support your local health food stores and growers.  Look into joining a food cooperative or CSA.

It takes 21 times of repetition to make something a habit.  By starting now, these changes will become a habit by July 4, 2012.  Spread the word to everyone you know!

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