My Top 10 “What I know to be true-isms”

My top 10 “What I know to be true-isms”


  1. I am responsible for all I am. By my thoughts and my actions, I form my own reality. It is like living in a hologram where I control the story with my mind. There is no victim, there is no blame, there is only experience, and the experience serves to give strength and wisdom to resolve the greater obstacles that are encountered in the awakening, if I choose to have that perspective.
  2. Each and every one of us chose to be here, picking this time, this place, our bodies, our family and friends, AND the struggles.  Whether our journey was to learn a lesson, help others with their lessons, fix a karmic debt, or all of the above, it was our choice and our creation.
  3. Nothing happens by accident or coincidence! Every experience, every person touches our lives to exchange information for our higher good. There are messages EVERYWHERE if we see, hear and feel for them! Be open to receiving the wisdom.
  4. We all came here to fulfill our Devine purpose. The universe begins reminding us by whispering the message. If we don’t listen the message gets louder and louder until we have no choice but to “get it.”  There is no right and there is no wrong. To have judgement on another implies some measurement of superiority or inferiority. The key is to live with the intention to serve with your highest purpose, detach from the outcome and have compassion and forgiveness for others AND yourself .
  5. Since all energy is connected, we (globally) are connected through mass consciousness. Because we are all connected, what we think and how we vibrate affects the whole world. We may only start out affecting global consciousness as a ripple, but the effect is a tidal wave.

6. We are not alone. To aid us in this 3rd dimension we have the ONE energy (I’ll refer to     it as G-D or Source Energy, you use the word you resonate with), angels, spirit guides, soul family and soul animals.

7.  There has never been separation from source (G-D). There is only the illusion of separation. The energy called G-D is in everybody, and every thing.

  1. Suffering comes from the illusion of separation from source energy, what I refer to as G-D. Connecting to source begins with following your passion and using the talents and gifts you came with for the betterment of the universe.

  2. The animals that share in our lives, whether they be pets or wildlife, not only help lift the heaviness of this 3rd dimension with their unconditional love, but they teach us and reflect to us that which we need to know in the moment. It is not an accident that animals often look like their owners, have personalities that compliment their owners, and many times share similar illness’s with their owners. The attraction to wild animals often reflects a characteristic within ourselves that we resonate with.

  3. The existence of this 3rd dimension, the reason we have bodies and senses and free choice is to experience. We have an opposite within us for everything. Light/dark, good/evil, happy/sad, yin/yang…… It is in the balancing of the energy, the choosing to overcome, the reawakening (we had it all along) to the Devine in ourselves that leads to the greatest accomplishments and joy.  To end suffering is to return to oneness with source energy.


 The key to happiness and bliss

The purpose of life

Does not lie below us

Does not float above us

Does not reside around us

Does not live in others

It is not hidden at all

It is within us


As I “pass it forward” the abundance continues to flow into my life, gift after blessed gift. It is with deepest gratitude and love that I share my true-isms. It is my intention to inspire you to give up the “story”, stop being a victim, take ownership and responsibility for every thought and take inspired action.  BE who you came here to be, DO what it takes to achieve it, and you will HAVE the joy and happiness that is your Devine birthright.


I AM raising the energy of the world one person, one pet, one thought and one action at a time.

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