The cost of sick pets – preventative care!

Though we all are destined to leave this planet, our goal is to live life to its fullest while here and help our beloved pets do the same. To accomplish this, we need to care for the single most important item, our bodies, and the bodies of our pets (and in my opinion Mother Earth too).

Our pets cannot choose their lifestyle and diet. They rely on us to provide the right diet and support their bodies’ needs through healthy lifestyle choices.

In our world of information overload, people may learn a lot of wonderful tips and tricks, but sometimes people learn SO much, they see how much they need to change in their lives, and they become overwhelmed. These people don’t know where to start which leads to Analysis Paralysis, the result is they do nothing at all!!!!

The solution?

Keep it simple. Empower Yourself.

A dog or cat is not a small human! Pet Parents must learn and understand their pet’s biology and how to support their pet’s health.

This includes understanding diagnostics (including the why behind testing, the best tools for detoxification, healing the gut, and improving the microbiome.)

While it’s understandable that the upfront costs of preventive health care may seem daunting to some (like the diagnostics to identify underlying health challenges, feeding a proper species-appropriate diet and essential nutrient supplementation), it’s crucial to consider the long-term benefits and savings it will provide. It is also important to calculate the savings reaped from less veterinary bills! Avoiding one health challenge that requires veterinary intervention (Doctor exam, a minimum workup and treatment) could average from $200-$600 for less chronic conditions and much more if surgery and long-term care are warranted. This cost does not include the physical time to take the pet to the doctor, the time it takes to treat the pet and the emotional anguish owners feel when their pet is suffering!

Let’s face it {{contact.first_name}}, we all spend money on things that don’t have value or contribute to our health. One area that I am particularly passionate about is dining out at restaurants. Though there is an emotional and social reward for dining out, it is considerably more expensive than eating at home, and unless the food is organic, cooked in healthy oils (no canola or soybean) and gluten-free, it IS going to cause inflammation in the body!

Suggestions on ways to offset the upfront cost of health care for your fur family:

  • Skip one meal eaten out! Set that savings into a jar or savings account.
  • Reduce non-essential shopping (1 less outfit, shoes, jewelry) by $10 – $20/week. Set that savings into a jar or savings account.
  • Reduce outside entertainment costs by $10-$20/week. Set that savings into a jar or savings account.
  • Ask friends and family to donate the cash they would have spent on gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays to go towards equipment that the whole family can use for detoxification (infrared therapy, ozone therapy, or hyperbaric oxygen home system).
  • Invest in your education! Learning and knowing what to expect, how to care for and what to do is the first step in being the best advocate for your pets. Take the Empowered Pet Parent Course – click here!

*Consult your veterinarian if your pet is pregnant, nursing, if abnormal symptoms arise or they are taking other medications.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Our products are not not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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