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Anterior Cruciate Injury Healed Without Surgery Or Steroids- In 10 Weeks!

Traditionally the only treatment for anterior cruciate tears had been surgery. This was not an option for Melvin’s pet parent. As a integrated holistic practitioner, I ALWAYS have something to offer and so we began treating Melvin with all natural therapies…

Intervertebral Disc Disease- A modern day epidemic

When I began practicing 32 years ago, the most common arthritic condition I saw was hip dysplasia (arthritis of the hips) in large breed dogs. Over the past 20 years I have seen a dramatic shift in the location and frequency of arthritis in dogs and cats.  The most common arthritic condition is now  degenerative […]

Cammy Had Arthritis

In 2008 Cammy was not weight bearing on her front leg. X-rays revealed severe arthritis. 8 treatments of only alternative therapy  returned her to normal function for 8 years. Cammy ruptured her cruciate ligament in 2016. Watch her return to fully normal and 100% weight bearing in 3 treatments with ONLY holistic care! 

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