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A healthy gut lining and proper essential nutrients are the foundation for overall wellness for your pets.

Prevention is better than cure! It’s important to act on this information and ensure that your pet’s gut health (and your own) is looked after so that you can have healthy and thriving pets To recap: Enzymes serve as catalysts that facilitate the breakdown of food molecules into forms readily absorbed and utilized by the body. […]

80-90% of dogs over the age of three have some component of periodontal disease

80-90% of dogs over the age of three have some component of periodontal disease (gum disease that affects the teeth and the structures that hold the teeth in place). This can go unnoticed due to a pet’s resistance to mouth exams or simply because it’s out of sight. The first warning signs of dental disease are bad […]

What is energy healing?

Did you know that emotional trauma can wreak havoc on our bodies, potentially leading to mitochondrial dysfunction? Research suggests that 40-80% of emotional trauma can disrupt the delicate balance of our cellular energy production, setting the stage for a cascade of health issues. The crux of the matter is – at the core of healing, for both humans […]

Lyme Disease

It is reported that up to 13.3% of dogs in the United States test positive for Lyme disease. Dogs, horses and sometimes cattle can get Lyme disease. White-tailed deer, mice, chipmunks, gray squirrels, opossums and raccoons can also be infected. Interestingly, wild mammals infected with the bacteria usually show no signs of illness, while dogs […]

The cost of sick pets – preventative care!

Though we all are destined to leave this planet, our goal is to live life to its fullest while here and help our beloved pets do the same. To accomplish this, we need to care for the single most important item, our bodies, and the bodies of our pets (and in my opinion Mother Earth […]

We are what we eat We (And Our Pets) Eat, Digest, Assimilate And Eliminate

Few other systems are as critical to overall health as the digestive system. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), we are born with a certain amount of Qi or energy.  This Qi is what allows us to “live” and can only be replenished through respiration (breathing) and digestion!  This makes sense, since if we don’t […]

Detoxification – An essential component of health care

Detoxification An essential component of health care Detoxification is a critically important component of a wellness program, but it is not able to compensate for a highly toxic lifestyle. Learn more on what you can do click here! We can not continue the degree of toxic overwhelm to the immune system and expect detoxification techniques […]

Detoxification is a critical step in maintaining health.

Would you go years without changing the oil in your car? Would you go years not cleaning your bathrooms? The body has 6 organs of elimination (that remove toxins and waste) and they must be cleaned regularly to achieve optimum health. Learn tips and tricks to safely detox your fub baby! Click here to read […]

Anterior Cruciate Injury Healed Without Surgery Or Steroids- In 10 Weeks!

Traditionally the only treatment for anterior cruciate tears had been surgery. This was not an option for Melvin’s pet parent. As a integrated holistic practitioner, I ALWAYS have something to offer and so we began treating Melvin with all natural therapies…

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