Homeschooling or Being Active In Your Childs Educaton

By @mindspark | November 15, 2011

So I had 2 children, 8 and 6 years old, and neither one fit in the “box” as defined by the school system.  I was working full-time in my veterinary office and had no associate.  Fortunately I owned my own veterinary hospital and could make rules that worked for me.  My husband also worked with […]

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What is Intrinsic Energy part 1

By @mindspark | November 14, 2011

To understand intrinsic energy one has to understand how atoms work.  Atoms make up matter (all the stuff in our world).  Every object that is made up of matter has atoms that vibrate at a particular frequency.  Those frequencies give off an “energy”.  These various energies when they are in proximity to other energies can […]

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Demi and the Dolphins a lesson in ecology

By @mindspark | November 9, 2011

Demi and the Dolphins a lesson in ecology Is Homeschooling Right For You- A Parents Perspective    “I can’t”, “this is too hard”, “you’re not helping me”.  I heard these statements uttered in frustration by my daughter while she was doing homework from the time she was 6 years old, in kindergarten, all the way through high school.  This is […]

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Integrated Veterinary Medicine

By @mindspark | November 7, 2011

Integrated medicine is the blending of traditional western medicine with the ancient arts of eastern medicine. Examples of western diagnostics may include blood work, radiography, endoscopy, and ultrasound.  Western treatments may include antibiotics, drug therapy, and surgery. There are an expansive array of eastern diagnostics, ranging from kinesiology (muscle testing), hair analysis, hormone evaluations, allergy […]

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Why Integrated Veterinary Medicine

By @mindspark | November 4, 2011

Imagine a see saw with anabolic (growth and repair) and catabolic (breakdown, aging) metabolism on the opposite ends.  When catabolic metabolism predominates, the result is more rapid aging and health issues that range from chronic illness to cancer to death.  When anabolic metabolism predominates, the body can repair and ward off disease.  Through the various […]

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