Thriving Through Corona

By msiegeldvm | March 30, 2020

Practical Tips For People And Pets Who would have ever imagined a worldwide crisis that would bring the WORLD to a halt! Not minimizing the gravity of health concerns, there were other “pan epidemics” going on even before this Corona Virus threat. Most people were overworked, stressed all the time, sleep-deprived, deeply in debt with […]

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Detoxification – An essential component of health care

By msiegeldvm | August 16, 2019

Detoxification An essential component of health care Detoxification is a critically important component of a wellness program, but it is not able to compensate for a highly toxic lifestyle. We can not continue the degree of toxic overwhelm to the immune system and expect detoxification techniques to fix the problems. Bombarding the body with toxins […]

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Solutions For Living In A Toxic World

By msiegeldvm | August 15, 2018

The world we live in today is incredibly toxic. From the water we drink and bath in, the air quality, EMF (electro magnetic frequency), food pollution and chemicals that touch the skin, we are exposed to alarmingly high levels of toxins on a daily basis. Living in a bubble is not the answer. This article […]

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Detoxification is a critical step in maintaining health.

By msiegeldvm | June 2, 2018

<p>Would you go years without changing the oil in your car? Would you go years not cleaning your bathrooms? The body has 6 organs of elimination (that remove toxins and waste) and they must be cleaned regularly to achieve optimum health. Learn tips and tricks to safely detox your fub baby!</p> Click here to read […]

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Anterior Cruciate Injury Healed Without Surgery Or Steroids- In 10 Weeks!

By msiegeldvm | April 9, 2018

Traditionally the only treatment for anterior cruciate tears had been surgery. This was not an option for Melvin’s pet parent. As a integrated holistic practitioner, I ALWAYS have something to offer and so we began treating Melvin with all natural therapies…

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Energy Medicine: Fact or Fiction

By msiegeldvm | March 30, 2018

This months Abby’s Magazine is about “Energy Medicine”.  I covered light, sound, energy bodies, chakras and more! Pet article is on pages 32-33

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Intervertebral Disc Disease- A modern day epidemic

By msiegeldvm | February 8, 2018

When I began practicing 32 years ago, the most common arthritic condition I saw was hip dysplasia (arthritis of the hips) in large breed dogs. Over the past 20 years I have seen a dramatic shift in the location and frequency of arthritis in dogs and cats.  The most common arthritic condition is now  degenerative […]

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Diabetes- A Modern Day Epidemic In Pets Too!

By msiegeldvm | January 22, 2018

Type 2 diabetes is a lifestyle dis-ease that is not only preventable, but in many cases can be reversed! This article discusses the root cause, prevention and treatment.  My pet article is on pages 18-20

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Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome…Alzheimers In Pets

By msiegeldvm | December 26, 2017

As the rates of Alzheimers in people soars in our country, we are seeing a dramatic rise in cognitive dysfunction syndrome in our pet population.  The reason…we are leading a lifestyle filled with toxins and stress.   The good news is that these dis-eases are preventable if we implement lifestyle changes!  Read more on pages […]

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Traditional Chinese Medicine Applied To Animals

By msiegeldvm | December 26, 2017

Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM Western medicine divides the body into “parts” according to organs. Doctors in western medicine specialize in the kidney, or liver, or ears, nose, throat but they fail to treat the body as an interconnected whole organism where each part influences the other.  TCM views the body as energy that is either […]

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