The Synergy Diagnosis – Diet – Detox

By Marlene Siegel, DVM in BRMI

Integrative doctors know that there is no disease in the world, there is dis-ease. Dis-ease is a symptom of the body becoming out of balance.

Sadly, as humans we have become so conditioned to being in dis-ease that we accept it as an expected consequence of life and aging. When a symptom appears, conventional medicine tells us to take a pill for the ill or a diet for the dis-ease without ever addressing the root cause of the problem.

Even more sadly, we are trained to expect dis-ease in our fur babies, responding with a symptomatic band-aid so the problem goes away (or so we think). And when the relapse occurs or the next symptom appears, we are “surprised” and offer excuses.


It is not normal for pets to…

  • Get arthritis, diabetes, autoimmune disease, allergies, vomiting, diarrhea or cancer!

  • The fact is, only 5% of the dis-eases we see in pets is genetic. 95% of dis-eases are “epigenetic” meaning they are a result of diet and lifestyle.

The body is communicating all the time… but are we listening?

Diagnostic Testing for Deficiency and Toxicity for Dogs and Cats

  1. The standard testing includes CBC, Serum Chemistries, Urinalysis, X-Rays and Ultrasound. Though these tests provide valuable information, it is not enough. We need to understand what deficiencies are present and what toxicities are impairing the metabolic functions.

  2. Test for Vit D, Magnesium, and B12. Vit D and magnesium play a critical role in the innate immune system. 85% of animals eating a processed food diet are Vit D deficient. Animals with a poor microbiome and leaky gut are often B12 deficient.

  3. Test for Heavy Metals and other essential nutrients. Heavy metals (lead, arsenic, mercury, cadmium, aluminum and strontium) bind to proteins in the body that would otherwise be activated by normally occurring minerals like zinc and magnesium. They can cause oxidative stress, chronic inflammation, and cellular damage. Other essential nutrients include selenium, calcium, manganese, lithium, molybdenum and copper.

  4. Bioenergetic testing: looking for energetic imbalances that may be contributing to dis-ease.

  5. Live Blood Analysis: to evaluate the 4th phase of water and healthy cell function. Rouleaux (red blood cells clumping together) is an indication of problems with 4th phase/structured water and cellular metabolism.

Lifestyle Changes To Support Longevity With Vitality

  1. Avoid highly processed pet foods, kibble and can. Feed a species appropriate raw, grass fed/grass finished or free range balanced raw diet with the proper amounts of meat, fat, bone and organ meat.

  2. Incorporate intermittent fasting for pets too. Do NOT leave food out all day long. Carnivores need at least 12 hours without food for peak metabolic performance. An occasional 24 hour fast is excellent when done under the supervision of your veterinarian.

  3. Tap water is not healthy for drinking. Drinking water must be highly filtered and structured. The addition of molecular hydrogen is a huge bonus! Contact me for water recommendations.

  4. Avoid toxic chemicals in laundry and personal body care items. Use only chemical free natural organic products. Pets may not wear clothes, but they lay on items that have been washed, absorbing the toxins through their skin.

  5. Test air quality for mold and other toxic compounds.

  6. Minimize electromagnetic frequency (EMF) exposure. Testing is the only way to know where the hot spots are. Remove as many smart appliances as possible. Hard-wire devices when possible. Turn off routers when not home and during sleep time. At minimum increase the distance from the sources of EMF.

  7. Essential nutrients (those the body can not make in sufficient quantity) added to the diet. Vitamins should be plant based and organic. Fatty acids should be the Parent Essential Fatty Acids. Minerals should be biologically available.

  8. Heal leaky gut. Bone broth, licorice root and special humic products are highly effective in healing the tight junctions.

  9. Support and promote regeneration of the appropriate microbiome. Fermented foods like homemade kefir and sauerkraut are ideal for microbial replenishment.

  10. Detoxification of all 6 organs of elimination. Kidney, colon, lungs, liver, skin and lymphatic. In addition to herbals and homeopathics, I have specific therapies for each organ of elimination. Therapies begin with Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency (PEMF) which enables the body to get into a parasympathetic state, allowing the body to detoxify. Lymphatic massage, full spectrum infrared therapy, Halo Therapy (dry salt) and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy are some of the therapies in my practice. The liver and lymphatic deserve special attention for all the work they do.

  11. Support mitochondrial health and activity. These power houses not only produce the energy that is needed for the body, but they also send communication to the microbiome to facilitate metabolic pathways and gene expression.

  12. Emotions play a part in ALL dis-ease! Working with a practitioner that understands how to identify and release trapped emotions is important for full healing to occur.

  13. Daily appropriate exercise (based on the pets health condition). Exercise improves lymphatic movement, improves oxygenation of tissues and decreases stress. Use discretion when implementing an exercise program with pets.

Remove the A.N.T.’s (Automatic Negative Thoughts) in your brain (yes you, the pet owner). Negative thoughts create negative neurotransmitters that your pet will “entrain to (they absorb the negative energy). Focus on finding the blessing in every situation and transforming the low vibrating energy into high vibrating energy. A daily gratitude practice will shift energy rapidly and allow for more positive energy flow for everyone.

Now you know better so you can do better!

Knowledge is the first hurdle. Now you have a lot of information about how to help your fur family thrive while living a longer life.

All the knowledge in the world is worthless if it isn’t implemented.

Here is one strategy to keep this from being overwhelming and leading to inaction. Pick and commit to implementing one item above into your lifestyle for you and your fur family. After a week or so, that will become a part of who you are, then pick another item to implement. Continue to grow for life!

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